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° Hygiene, cleanliness & safety is our top priority
° Suitable to relieve neck, shoulder, back pains, migraine, stiff muscles, ache, fatigue & more..
° For ladies, by ladies. In safe hands with our qualified, knowledgable & friendly housecall therapists

"Indeed in Bekam (wet cupping), there is a cure."
[Sahih Muslim (5706)] ❤️


Bekam Singapore

Who are we? We are a team of qualified, knowledgeable and friendly female bekam specialists for ladies. We provide bekam darah (also known as hijama cupping therapy or wet cupping) at the comfort of your home, so you don't have to travel. We only do housecall bekam to client locations in Singapore.

What is Bekam Darah?

Our bekam darah services (hijama cupping therapy) is based on Islamic sunnah by applying the right amount of cups at the right points (sunnah points) of the body, so that toxins and bad blood are fully removed and you will gain the most health benefits and results from the treatment session.

Bekam hijamah (hijama for short) is an Islamic sunnah which acts both as a prevention and a cure. Hijama is sunnah which helps prevent against a range of diseases and used as an alternative health cure. Although hijama a.k.a cupping is an Islamic treatment, it not necessarily only for Muslim clients but is suitable for all human beings, in shaa Allah.

The suction and negative pressure provided by hijama cupping therapy helps to remove toxic, loosen muscles and improve bloodflow circulation in the body.

Jaabir ibn Abdullah y, reported that the Messenger s.a.w. said,

Indeed in bekam hijamah (hijama/wet cupping), there is a cure.” [Sahih Muslim (5706)].

Table of contents

° For first timer

° Health benefits

° How bekam works

° Wet cupping

° Suitability

° Method used

° Preparation

° Time of the day

° Question about massage

° Hijama for men

° FAQ and additional questions

I am first-time. Is it a lot of pain?

It actually feels like a small ant bite (very little pain) or you might not even feel anything at all. :)

Our team of experienced therapists are highly skilled and will ensure that it's a smooth process with minimum pain for you in shaa Allah.

For first-timer clients who wish to experience our Ultimate Housecall Bekam™ session, rest assure you are in safe hands.

Hygiene, cleanliness and safety remains our top most priority.

What are the benefits? What does it helps with?

The housecall bekam session helps to relieve back, neck, shoulder pains, body aches, migraines, stiff muscles, fatigue, headaches, anxiety, rheumatism and a range of health issues.

It's sunnah. Anas ibn Maalik y reported that the Messenger s.a.w. said,

Indeed the best of remedies you have is bekam…” [Sahih Bukhari (5371)].

In fact, hijama services has been used by famous people, celebrities and athletes around the world (e.g. Victoria Beckham, Lady Gaga, Michael Phelps) to promote health and healing for all human beings.

How does bekam works?

Bekam hijamah (hijama for short) involves creating small, tiny incisions to certain sunnah points on your body. Afterwhich, cups are placed, creating mild vacuum suctions to extract/draw out toxic stagnated/congested bad blood.

This stagnated blood contains toxic, harmful substances which slows down the delivery of essential minerals, enzymes, oxygen and vitamins to your cells, tissues and organs. Having too much toxins in the body could cause your cells, tissues and organs to become weaker over time and inefficient against bacteria, infections and more.

The Ultimate Housecall Bekam™ session helps to remove this bad blood, toxic and harmful substances so that your body can function at its peak.

Who is this suitable for?

Our Ultimate Housecall Bekam™ treatment is suitable for most ladies except for the following:

Feel free to enquire via Whatsapp, Instagram or our Facebook for more info.

Whatsapp: +65 85005277

Instagram Account: @bekamladies

Facebook page: @bekamladies

Do you use knife or needle lancets?

Due to the advancement in technology and for safety reasons, we only use the poking method (i.e. needle lancets.) during the bekam session.

Can I eat before the session?

Ibn Umar y reported the Messenger s.a.w. said,

Hijama on an empty stomach is best. In it is a cure and a blessing.” [Sahih Sunan ibn Maajah (3487)].

Following sunnah and for best experience, we advise you to eat a meal 3 hours before the bekam hijamah treatment to avoid dizziness or nausea. Afterwhich, if you are still hungry, you can eat bread, dates or something light.

Do you do urut or massage?

No, we currently no longer offer urut (massage) service until further notice.

Alternatively, we do have portable massage therapy equipments for sale but please let us know in advance if you wish for the therapist to bring. Please note that we do have limited stocks on the massage therapy equipments.

Do you do bekam hijamah for men?

Currently, we do not offer bekam or massage for men. However, for men, we recommend Hijama Singapore or male hijama practitioner Bro Taufiq. However,please note that this is solely a recommendation.

We (@bekamladies) are not affiliated and will not be held responsible for any bekam or massage services rendered by either practitioner, Hijama Singapore or Bro Taufiq.

Feel free to Whatsapp us for their business details (i.e Hijama Singapore or Bro Taufiq). Again, these are just recommendations, engaging their services are at your own discretion.

I have read this but have more questions.

Sure, you can visit our FAQ section. Alternatively, please whatsapp us directly and we will answer your questions ASAP.