Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We are a group of qualified, knowledgeable and friendly female therapists specializing in bekam darah (hijama/wet cupping) for ladies.

We do housecall at the comfort of your home, so you don't have to travel. We are based in Singapore and only do housecalls to locations within Singapore.

The Ultimate Housecall Bekam™ is a housecall bekam service with focus on bekam based strictly on sunnah (following our Prophet s.a.w) as much as possible.

We focus on the sunnah points and applying the right amount of cups at the right points (sunnah points) of the body, so that toxins and bad blood are fully removed from the body and you will gain the most benefit from the bekam treatment session.

Our basic price for 1 pax : Ultimate Housecall Bekam™ session is:

$60 (all-inclusive).

We do have promotions from time to time, usually for 2 pax and above. Please visit our self-book page here for latest pricing.

Our prices are all-inclusive. Transport, equipments, cups and service are all already included. There's no hidden costs.

It actually feels like a small ant bite or you might not even feel anything at all. :)

Our therapists are highly skilled and will ensure that it's a smooth process with minimum pain for you.

For first-timer who wish to experience our Ultimate Housecall Bekam™ session, rest assure you are in safe hands.

Hygiene, cleanliness and safety remains our top priority.

Bekam (hijama/wet cupping) acts both as a prevention and a cure. Bekam helps prevent against all kinds of diseases and is also used as an alternative cure to relieve body pains.

The suction and negative pressure provided by bekam helps to remove toxins, loosen muscles and improve blood flow circulation in the body.

Jaabir ibn Abdullah y reported that the Messenger s.a.w. said,
Indeed in bekam (hijama/wet cupping), there is a cure.” [Sahih Muslim (5706)].

The Ultimate Housecall Bekam™ session helps to relieve back, neck, shoulder pains, body aches, migraines, stiff muscles, fatigue, headaches, anxiety, rheumatism and many more...

It's sunnah. Anas ibn Maalik y reported that the Messenger s.a.w. said,
Indeed the best of remedies you have is bekam (cupping)…” [Sahih Bukhari (5371)].

In fact, bekam (hijama/cupping) has been used by famous celebrities and athletes around the world (e.g. Victoria Beckham, Lady Gaga, Michael Phelps) to promote health and healing.

Bekam (hijama/wet cupping) involves creating small, tiny incisions to certain points on your body. Afterwhich, cups are placed, creating mild vacuum suctions to extract/draw out toxic stagnated/congested bad blood from the body.

This stagnated blood contains toxins, harmful substances which slows down the delivery of essential minerals, enzymes, oxygen and vitamins to your cells, tissues and organs. Having too much bad blood in the body could cause your cells, tissues and organs to become weaker over time and inefficient against bacteria, infections, etc.

The Ultimate Housecall Bekam™ session helps to remove this bad blood, toxins and harmful substances so that your body can function at its best.

Our Ultimate Housecall Bekam™ service is suitable for everyone except the following:

° Women above 60 years old
° Pregnant women
° Women with history of heart attacks
° Women just recovering from surgery
° Women with severe diabetes or severe low blood (Anemia)

Feel free to whatsapp us for more clarification.

Due to the advancement in technology and for safety reasons, we only use the poking method (i.e. needle lancets.)

The Ultimate Housecall Bekam™ is strictly based on sunnah as much as possible, and is not based on the number of cups.

Just like how eating too much medicines doesn't make you better and might even makes things worst, applying too many cups doesn't provide more added benefits and might even make things worst for your body.

We will do up to 8 points and additional points based on your condition, pain points or illness. The 8 points are based on sunnah with exception above the neck (which we don't do, due to safety reasons).

No additional costs for additional cups as we do not count based on the number of cups.
On average, we use 15-20 cups per person, and we will advise acccordingly during the session, based on your needs.

The benefits from bekam is not based on the number of cups, rather it's based on applying the right amount of cups at the right points (sunnah points) of the body, based on your conditions and what you're looking to achieve.

No, due to safety reasons, we do not do bekam anywhere above the neck. There are other points that connects to the various parts of the head and above neck. We will advise the points based your condition, needs and what you're trying to achieve.

Bekam helps to clear toxic bad blood from the body and help with blood circulation, which may or may not help with fertility, indirectly.

However, please note that there's currently no strong evidence to show that bekam helps with fertility. Research study has been done but there has been no strong conclusion on this.

Also, our Ultimate Housecall Bekam™ session is strictly based on following the sunnah as much as possible. As such, we do not currently offer bekam specifically for fertility.

Do note that the suction for disposable cups is not as strong as normal cups. Because of this, we are currently using normal cups. Rest assure, that all our cups and equipments are properly cleaned, disinfected and UV-sterilized thoroughly to highest standards for usage.

Hygiene, cleanliness and safety
remains our top priority.

P.S. For incision, we use brand new disposable needle lancets. Used needle lancets are disposed immediately after the session.

We do not encourage as you will also be discharging during your period so it's not necessary. In fact, it might be waste of money. Unless you are having body ache or other pain.

To get the maximum benefits from the session, we recommend to wait at least one week after your period is over, then you book an Ultimate Housecall Bekam™ session.

It is not advisable to do bekam towards night time as the body is already starting to rest. Our last timing is at 6pm.

Let us know the reason why you would want to do at night and we will review on a case-by-case basis.

Ibn Umar y reported the Messenger s.a.w. said,
Bekam (hijama/cupping) on an empty stomach is best. In it is a cure and a blessing.” [Sahih Sunan ibn Maajah (3487)].

We advise you to eat a meal 3 hours before session to avoid dizziness or nausea. Afterwhich, if you are still hungry, you can eat bread, dates or something light.

Bekam will lead to slight circular discolourations for a few days (on average 2-5 days) where the cups were being applied. For some people, they might encounter some light-headedness similar to the sensation after having blood drawn out by a doctor.

Very few people might also encounter slight sweating due to vasodilatation(widening of blood vessels). There is a sound scientific rationale, thus there is no cause for concern.

Most people do not even encounter these but we would still encourage you to keep a light schedule
after your session.

P.S. Also, please do not hesitate to sound out to your therapist if you feel dizzy at any point of time during the session.

All our therapists are certified and qualified with over 6 years of knowledge and experience in bekam darah (hijama/wet cupping).

We will automatically inform you the best preparation tips for the session when you completed the self-booking here.

You will also be getting an SMS notification on the best preparation tips as you near towards the date of your Ultimate Housecall Bekam™ session.

Yes, however only certain therapists are able to do urut(massage) service. Do note that massage will be additional costs.

Please let us know (WhatsApp/Call/SMS) in advance if you wish add on massage.

For men, we recommend male bekam specialist Bro Taufiq. However, please note that this is solely a recommendation.

We (@bekamladies) are not affiliated and will not be held responsible for the services rendered by him.

You can contact him via WhatsApp here.

This is subjective and difficult to answer as there has been no research study that has been published with regards to frequency and diseases.

Most people do once every month while others do once every 3 months, 6 months or 12 months routinely.

Our recommendation would be to do once every 2-3 months but we will advise further during your session based on what you need and trying to achieve.

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Sure, please visit the main menu for different modes of contact. Or, you can reach us directly via WhatsApp here.

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